Joining an organization can be a huge key to successful networking while you are in school and even more so when you graduate.  There are hundreds of organizations available to students and graduates in the legal, healthcare, court reporting and business fields.  Almost all offer student memberships and provide a wealth of material, insight, and continuing education opportunities.  Almost all have discussion forums or chat rooms where you can exchange ideas and ask questions of those currently working in the field for which you are training.  They can also provide tips on how to get your foot in the door if you have graduated and looking to land your first job.  Most of them offer a free e-news letters where you can keep abreast of current industry trends and keep up with the latest in new technology.  Some of these organizations; such as the National Court Reporters Association and the Fort Worth Paralegal Association, offer scholarships to current or future students interested in the legal, medical or business professions. Below is a list of some organizations that encourage student participation.  Google search them for more information.

  • National Court Reporters Association
  • Texas Court Reporters Association
  • Dallas Court Reporters Association
  • Fort Worth Paralegal Association
  • National Verbatim Reporters Association
  • National Association of Health Professionals
  • National Health Career Association
  • National Association of Legal Assistants
  • State Bar of Texas Legal Assistants Division
  • American Medical Certification Association

Again, these are just a few that some of our previous students have joined.  In addition, they offer great conferences, seminars, certifications, and continuing education units.  They have discounts for students, so get involved and join today. It is always good to talk with those who have been there and done it.  I always find these organizations most anxious to help, advise and mentor students.  Who knows?  You just might meet your future employer through one of these organizations. Jon Vecchio Campus Director Arlington Career Institute 800-394-5445

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