I have been involved in career education for over 27 years. I have seen students from all walks of life. I have seen students who walk in and write a check for the whole program. I have seen students struggling to come up with gas money to get to class. I have seen students of all races, all ages, and all kinds of support or non-support family systems. I have seen students who want a better life. I have seen students who have been laid off from their jobs of 20 plus years. I have seen those who were here not because they wanted to be but because someone told them they had to be here or else. I cannot say I have seen it all, but I have seen a lot. I always wondered is there one, two or even three key elements that drive these students to succeed? I have corresponded over the years with many of our successful students. My definition of a successful student was a student that had completed ACI’s Court Reporting, Paralegal/Legal Assistant, Medical Assistant, Medical Office Specialist or Administrative Assistant program and was placed in a job related to their program of study. I found that they all had a couple of things in common. While these are not the be all, end all of traits that drive a student to succeed, I think it is a pretty good list. Listed below is a compilation of my very nontechnical research.

  • They had someone else depending on their success. It may have been children, a parent, spouse or significant other, but someone was counting on them to succeed.
  • The students believed in themselves and developed confidence as they moved forward in their program. Once the student saw they could handle their course load, they thought “Hey, I can do this,” and their grades improved every quarter.
  • They had good to great attendance while in school. This one is really a no-brainer.
  • They attained, at some point after graduation from Arlington Career Institute, some sort of Certification.
    • It may have been through the Texas Court Reporters Certification Board (CRCB), The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA), The National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA), The National Association of Health Professionals (NAHP), the National Health Career Association (NHCA), The State Bar of Texas Legal Assistants Division, or Microsoft Certification (MOS).

So what drives a student to succeed? Many things I am sure. Listed above are a couple that I have found. See some of our student success stories on YouTube or at ACI Success Stories  or contact us for more information! Jon Vecchio Campus Director Arlington Career Institute

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