Job Search: Reading the Description is Important

You would not believe how many jobs we don’t think we are qualified for or don’t apply because of failure to read the job description correctly. We may even get overlooked for a job because we simply did not follow all of the application instructions. Whatever the case, properly reading the job description takes great attention to detail. Here are a few tips to help improve this skill: 1. Read the entire job description before disqualifying yourself. Read beyond the job title. Compare your skills and education with the duties and requirements. 2. Know the difference between “required” and “preferred.” Requirements are usually non-negotiable. When a job description reads “preferred,” it usually means not mandatory or negotiable. In this situation, you match most of the description but not exactly. Apply anyway! 3. Pay attention: Look for contact persons, company name/address, and phone/fax numbers. This information is golden when job searching. You can use this information to follow up on the opportunity and/or application. For more information on this subject, please contact the Director of Career Services at Happy Hunting! Ossie Harris Director of Career Services Arlington Career Institute

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