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“I graduated from the Paralegal program last May! I am currently employed as a Court Clerk in the Civil Records Department for the Jackson County 16th Circuit Court in Kansas City, MO. All of my training at ACI definitely prepared me for the workforce. I have been able to utilize all of my skills that I learned and then some.” — Jessica Williams

“I was in [ACI’s] Paralegal Program, and graduated April 2011. I want to thank [ACI] for teaching us things outside of the law: what an attorney wants from his/her paralegal … I started out very unsure of myself until the end of [ACI’s] program. [ACI] gave me the skills and confidence to excel, and I want to thank [ACI].” — Marisa Santoyo

“I got an offer for [an] Accounting Clerk at Feizy Import and Export in Dallas. I start January 11, 2016 … I have enrolled for school for Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. [ACI] gave me an opportunity to find myself and have confidence knowing I am able to do more in life.” — Diane Phon

“My progress here at Stewart, Dugger, & Dean. I’ve been very, very busy multi-tasking with lots of projects. I am still learning a lot every day! This is a small but very busy law firm and I am really, really, enjoying being here!! And I really enjoy the people that I work with! I am the Receptionist/Entry Level Legal File Clerk here at Stewart Dugger & Dean. Since I started two months ago, I’ve learned so much on how healthcare law works and I look forward to each week to come. I always remember what Jay used to say to our class. He would say, “You want to set out to have a good job & a GREAT CAREER!!! That’s what I have here at Stewart, Dugger, & Dean!! After Paralegal training at ACI (besides my kids) I now have a purpose in life!! I look forward to getting up and making each day count!! I strive to always do my best here at Stewart, Dugger, & Dean. They acknowledge my accomplishments and are always telling me that they are glad that I am here or showing me that they really, really appreciate me!!! This chapter of my life really feels good!!! Thanks Claudia, and to everyone at ACI, I will never forget you guys!” — Jan Shamlin-Smithey

“I have been working here at Tom Thomas II for a full two weeks now and it has been a great learning experience. It seems like just the other day I was sitting in Jay’s litigation class listening to him lecture on all the stuff that I am doing now. Thanks to Jay’s litigation class I am very familiar with all the pleadings that I’ve been filling; the law office has over 900 cases. In the few weeks that I have been here I have drafted multiple answers to lawsuits and have sent out some discovery. I still have a lot to learn but I predict that I will be drafting pleadings in my sleep in about three months! I’ve been able to help the law office with a few projects they haven’t had the time for but my next project is to create a case list that shows when the answers were filed! I’m so excited! Did I mention there are over 900 cases and counting? I am so thankful to everyone at ACI for all that I have learned and for birthing the opportunity to start a new career. And I am deeply thankful to you Ms. Claudia for all that you have done for me and for always being just downright positive and inspirational. I am one ACI student that couldn’t have done it without you.” — Maricela Eslora


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