Career Development Course Benefits

Career Development Classes can help you to:

1. Learn more about yourself:

  • Gain awareness and knowledge of self by assessing interests, abilities/ transferable skills, values, and personality as they relate to career choices
  • Explore life styles, sense of meaning, and contributions to society
  • A career counselor may choose to administer and interpret a career assessment if needed.

2. Gain educational and occupational information:

  • Identify and become familiar with various educational and career related resources (i.e. internet, printed materials)
  • Gather, summarize, and process information about occupations as they relate to nature of work, working conditions, job market, world and US job trends, employment outlook, earnings and salary, educational/academic training, and related occupations
  • Gather, summarize, and process information about academic options and college requirements
  • Generate career options and alternative plans as needed

3. Learn about decision-making and career planning:

  • Learn decision-making styles and strategies applied to career decision-making
  • Clarify and set realistic and achievable goals
  • Develop and implement an action plan related to a career path
  • A career counselor can assist you to develop coping skills to manage anxiety, deal with rejections, disappointments, grieving issues, lacking of confidence, stress, and/or depression associated with career choices, among others.

4. Conduct an effective job search

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